New Opportunities for Local Youth: Fortnite Mechanics, Movie Making, and Lacrosse


Date: June 3, 2019

Contact: Shantal Marshall, Communications & PR Assistant


The online game Fortnite has taken the world by storm. Playing the game is immersive and cool and wouldn’t it be just as great to learn how the game works from the inside out? Or how about learning the art of filmmaking and movie production from A to Z? What about learning cool skills such as scooping, passing, and cradling in a game of lacrosse? All of these opportunities were available through program partners for the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation (AALDC) Youth Community Scholarship Program.

The AALDC Scholarship Program gives children the opportunity to attend programs in the five Brooklyn neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene, Downtown Brooklyn, and Clinton Hill. Families who have limited financial resources receive priority scholarships.

AALDC provides funding for children who live or attend school in Brooklyn Public School Districts 13 and 15. These local youth have the opportunity to attend a variety of enriching programs. The Youth Community Scholarship Program’s focus is to provide local youth the chance to experience programs that will allow them to learn, create, and flourish.

Last year, through the AALDC’s scholarship program, a ‘diamond in the rough’ was discovered. The scholarship recipient attended Creative Arts Studio, a Brooklyn based partner offering classes in dance, drama, music, and art. They discovered a hidden talent that was yet to be explored in Hip Hop Dance. The next Bill Gates, Beyonce, or Spike Lee can be recipients of the AALDC scholarship program. They are only able to have these opportunities to explore their hidden talents with the generous support of the AALDC Scholarship Program.

For more information on how you can donate to support the AALDC Youth Community Scholarship Program, please view the AALDC Youth Community Scholarship Program Commercial, visit our website, contact or call (718) 875-8993.


Note to Editors: For further press information and high-resolution images, please call 718-875-8993 or email Please credit all photos to Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation (AALDC).

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