Due to the volume of emails related to the Atlantic Antic™, the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation (AALDC) may not be able to respond immediately to your questions, but will do so within 72 hours if not sooner. 





TELEPHONE CONTACT: Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corp. (718) 875-8993


Q: What is the difference between a Craft Vendor, General Vendor and Corporate Vendor?
A: If you are self-employed and sell items in your booth that are handcrafted (made by hand), you are a Craft Vendor. If your products are not handcrafted by you, you are considered a General Vendor.  If you are a Corporation n (ex. Corp., Inc., LLC) or have multiple locations, you are considered a Corporate Vendor.

Q: What qualifies as a Food Vendor?
A: If you sell any amount of consumable products (food or drink) at your booth that are pre-made, pre-packed, or prepared on-site, you are a Food Vendor. All Food Vendors must obtain a valid Temporary Food Service Permit provided by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). Details about how to apply for this can be found in the Atlantic Antic™ Application page.

Q: Can I apply with another Vendor so that we can share booth space?
A: NO. You are prohibited from sharing your space (including any participating merchants or vendors).

Q: Can I submit my application now and send payment later?
A: NO. All applications must be submitted with full payment. If we receive an incomplete application, it will not be processed and you will not receive a booth.

Q: Can I pay for my booth space with cash?
A: NO. Our preference is for you to apply and pay online if you would like to participate with just a standard 10’x10’ booth. If you would like to apply for more space or prefer instead to submit a paper application, the application and the business check, bank certified check or money order must accompany the application. You can mail the application with the check to the address listed on the application.

Q: Do I need to provide a Tax ID Number?
A: YES. All applicants, with the exception of non-profit organizations, must provide a Tax ID Number (TIN) or Employee ID Number (EIN). Non-profit organizations must provide a Tax Exempt Number. To apply for a Tax ID Number, please call 518.485.2889.  Nonprofit organizations are required to provide current Proof of Nonprofit status.

Q: I have participated for the past five years. Do I get priority for my booth location?
A: NO. Booth spaces are assigned in a manner designed to maximize diversity on each block, and to facilitate crowd flow.

Q: How do you choose which vendors to accept into the Atlantic Antic™.
A: The Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation’s (AALDC) mission is to promote the businesses along Atlantic Avenue between Hicks and Fourth Avenue so our first priority is to accept those businesses should they decide to participate. Additionally, the AALDC promotes commerce and culture of the adjacent neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill and prioritizes those businesses and community-based organizations, as well. Our next level of prioritization is for Brooklyn-based businesses and community-based organizations. Any out of borough business is welcome to apply and if the nature and quality of your offering fits into the event, your business can also become accepted.

Q: If I can’t fit into a 10’×10’, can I request to be placed near a fire hydrant to have more space?
A: NO.  We are required by the FDNY to maintain a clearance of 15’ on both sides of a fire hydrant.

Q: Do I need a permit?
A: Yes. All vendors require a specific permit to participate in the Atlantic Antic based on what you are selling.
– Food Vendors: Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit (Street Fair) and you must provide a certificate of insurance if you are cooking. We will provide details if your application is accepted.
– Craft Vendors & General Vendors: Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit (111)
– Non-profit Vendors: If you are a non-profit organization and will solicit for donations at the festival and/or your booth space, you must apply for a Public Solicitation License.
Details about how to apply for these permits can be found in the Atlantic Antic™ application.

Q: I submitted my application but have not received confirmation of receipt. What should I do?
A: We process many applications. Once your application has been processed you will receive a confirmation email. If it has been over four weeks from the date you applied, please email to confirm your application was received. Please DO NOT call.

Q: I want to perform on one of the stages at the Atlantic Antic™. Who should I contact?
A: We manage performance and programming for the Main Stage and Community Stage.  If you are interested in performing or offering programming as a donation for the community event, please e-mail  We do not manage talent for any Atlantic Antic™ Merchant Stages but we will be happy to collect your contact information and pass it along to the Stage Managers who will contact you directly if they are interested. Please email your request to:


Q: Can I sell alcohol at my booth?
A: NO. Only approved Merchant restaurants/bars located on Atlantic Avenue who have an existing liquor license and valid Temporary Beer & Wine Permit for this event may sell alcohol. All other Vendors are strictly prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages. Ongoing inspections will take place at the event and any illegal sales will result in fines and immediate booth closure.

Q: I would like to sell food at the Atlantic Antic™ Festival.  What are the rules and guidelines?
A: Only food vendors who provide current and valid Temporary Food Service Establishment Permits will be authorized to participate with food at the Atlantic Antic™ Festival.  Food Vendors are responsible for keeping all their permits and/or licenses up-to-date with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  For vendors who apply for multiple booth locations, you must obtain at least one Temporary Food Service Establishment Permit for each booth – they cannot be the same permit numbers. The full list of rules and guidelines for Food Vendors can be found in the Atlantic Antic™ application.

Q: Can I sell or serve raw fish or shellfish at my booth?
A: NO. Selling or serving raw fish or shellfish at the Atlantic Antic™ Festival is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can I provide any type of programming or display at my booth?
A: All programming and display is subject to approval.  You are required to list all programming and items for sale on your vendor application.  Failure to inform the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation of any changes to your programming, display or items for sale, will result in immediate booth closure.


– If you were not pre-approved to have a Face Painter at your booth space, you would not be allowed to have face painting at your space

– If you would like to park a promotional vehicle or other motor vehicle at your space, you MUST obtain approval during the application period

Q: Can I play music or have a live musician at my booth?
A: NO. Live music and amplified sound (including radios, televisions, loudspeakers, etc.) are prohibited from any booth unless permission has been granted by the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation.  Approved Merchant Stages have authorization to play amplified sound on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you provide tables, chairs, tents, or generators?
A: NO. You are responsible for furnishing all tables, chairs, tents, signage, generators, and merchandise for your booth. For further assistance, please contact a rental company in your area.

Q: When will I find out where my booth space will be located?
A: In September, you will receive a participation packet via postal mail to the address you provided on your application. Within this packet there will be a Certification of Participation with your space assignment and a map indicating the exact location of your space.

Q: I have been assigned a space location that I do not like. Can I change my location?
A: NO. We have to file a final map with the City of New York in advance of the Atlantic Antic™ and are unable to change booth locations.

Q: Can I purchase booth space on the day of the event?
A: NO. We DO NOT sell booth spaces on the day of the event. We have SOLD OUT for the past few years. Because of this, we encourage you to apply early.

Q: If all booths are SOLD OUT, can I arrive on the day of the event and set up on the sidewalk?
A: NO. All unauthorized Vendors will be escorted off the premises. Furthermore, sidewalk obstructions are strictly prohibited.

Q: When can I load in and set up my booth space?
A: NYPD closes the street to car traffic at 10:00AM. If you need to drive up and unload items at your space, you must unload by 9:30AM and remove your car BEFORE the street closes at 10:00AM. If you do not need to drive up to your space, you must unload at 10:00AM and set up by 12:00PM. Please follow the instructions of event staff at all times during load in and load out.

Q: I lost my booth location certificate. Do I need to bring it on the day of the event?
A: YES. You MUST have your Certificate of Participation with you on the day of the event.  Please email to request a replacement certificate.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at: