Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library

Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Public Library

Many of the buildings along Atlantic Avenue and in surrounding neighborhoods are the architectural heritage of this prosperous era. These include 19th century commercial buildings with ground floor storefronts, which were built with large expanses of glass to display the wide assortment of merchandise available to pedestrians passing by.

Today Atlantic Avenue is one of the most important main streets and historic/cultural destination spots in Brooklyn. It boasts various types of cultural cuisine, family-run businesses, antique shops, art galleries and boutiques.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is vital to historic communities such as Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, in keeping the areas historical integrity and aesthetic appeal alive. The benefits of advocating historic preservation values in a community are far and wide. Historic Preservation seeks to protect and prolong the existence of cultural properties. It results in creating jobs, stimulates investments, increases property value, revitalizes communities, and supports small businesses and affordable housing.

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The Master Plan

Atlantic Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and the East River is one of the great streets of New York. It is home to people of various cultural backgrounds, vibrant and successful businesses, long standing institutions, and rich architectural character. This 1.5 mile stretch of Atlantic Avenue knits together the stabilished neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn.

The Master Plan was developed with the The Atlantic Avenue Leadership Conference, a coalition of community organizations and business owners, tenants, neighbors and agencies through one-on-one interviews, leadership conference meetings, and public meetings.

Requests for Proposals were submitted in 2002. Civitas, Inc., an urban planning and design firm was selected to create the plan.

Download the Master Plan for Atlantic Avenue by clicking this link:

Master Plan


For the entire summary of the Master Plan and its history download the AALDC Master Plan History.

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